On Jul 24, 2009, at 9:40 AM, Delos wrote:


Currently, user can get GEP with Galileo support from http://people.apache.org/dist/geronimo/eclipse/unstable/2.1.5/

But I agree with you to deliver a GEP release supporting Galileo.

Can we just update current 2.1.4 release?


Because there is no 2.1.5 release for server now, I think it's not proper to distribute a GEP 2.1.5 release.

What's your opinion?

There's no requirement to keep GEP and Server in-sync, with regard to release numbers. Lack of a 2.1.5 server release should not prohibit a release of GEP. That said, we are going to be working on a 2.1.5 server release. If we want to coordinate a GEP release along with that, that's fine with me...