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From "johnxmas" <>
Subject Re: Re: About JCA 1.5 Admin objects and JNDI
Date Mon, 20 Jul 2009 07:17:20 GMT
>On Jul 10, 2009, at 3:01 AM, johnxmas wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> With JCA 1.5 was introduced the concept of Admin Objects. So now,  
>> you cand deploy in your resource adapter much more thant a  
>> ConnectionFactory;
>> I used the feature to include in my deployment the InteractionSpec  
>> and ConnectionSpec.
>> But at lookup time, it sems these objects are passed by  
>> refernce.Which is a serious problem: say client A sets its userName  
>> and password in
>> the ConnectionSpec. These values get stored in the JNDI instance and  
>> can be read by client B !
>How would returning copies of the admin object help with this?

Using a "copy" would insure that every one making a lookup of an Object gets
the stored Object instance, set whith the values indicated in the deployment descriptor.

Without a copy, modifications of these values are set in the JNDI instance and every user
get them (and that can be a real pb in case of credentials for instance)

>> This behavior is not specific to Geronimo. Most (but not all)  
>> application servers produce the same result...     Sould not lookup  
>> return a
>> clone of the Objects ?
>I think the spec indicates copies should be returned.  We used to  
>return proxies.  I've always wondered what the point of a lot of the  
>jndi spec was.  I've taken the view that the important part of the  
>spec is for jndi to act like a hashmap and that since our jndi is in- 
>vm only and not persistent lookup speed is pretty much the most  
>important bit.
>Could you explain in more detail what you don't like about this and  
>what you want instead?
>david jencks
>> Your opinon deeply interest me.
>> Thanks
>> Jean-Noël
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