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From caof2005 <>
Subject Re: What are the specifics steps for manual deployment ?
Date Sun, 21 Jun 2009 04:09:52 GMT

Thanks viola
So just to confirm.

I can see the $your_geronimo_install_Dir\repository\org\apache\tomcat 
directory you indicate me,... but please excuse my clumsiness because I see
inside "tomcat" directory others subdirectories:


So I found difficult to know which is the correct one... (I mean the one
that I should consider as CATALINA_HOME/webapps ).

If I use catalina as CATALINA_HOME, do I have to define inside the webapps
directory ?

Could you just guide me on this, please?

Thank you.
Carlos wrote:
> You should use deploy command or hot deploy(just copy your app to deloy
> folder like in tomcat)  to deploy  your application following
> And in geronimo, tomcat is in
> $your_geronimo_install_Dir\repository\org\apache\tomcat
> Your web app structure seems fine(geronimo web app structure same as
> tomcat, just an extra geronimo-web.xml. which is geronimo specific
> deployment plan), i recommend your can use Geronimo Eclipse plugin in
> eclipse to simplify your develop work, you can install GEP follwoing 
> and how to develop in it follwoing
> You can find out more help from Geronimo 2.1 doc link:
> in your development process. 
> Your 
> I think whether
> caof2005 wrote:
>> Hello folks,
>> With a newbe questions/request:
>> Can anybody refer me to any document/link which indicate me which are the
>> steps to do a manual deployment without using the deployment tool (deploy
>> ) ?
>> I'm using Geronimo 2.1.3 with Tomcat 6
>> I tried to follow the oldie/classic example of building a dynamic project
>> by hand (no IDE's, nor deploy tool at all) just using the java, javac and
>> jar command line tools.
>> So I tried to manually define the basic directory deployment structure
>> shown in 4.X, 5.X versions of Tomcat:
>> webapps
>> --MyApp_Directory
>> ---WEB-INF
>> ----web.xml
>> ----geronimo-web.xml
>> ----lib
>> ----classes
>> ----com
>> ----example
>> -------web
>> ----------classA.class
>> -------model
>> ----------classB.class
>> But I couldn't find any "tomcat" directory in Geronimo installation
>> directory which I can define inside that structure.
>> So the question is .... am I assuming correctly that I can manually
>> define the deployment structure as I can do it in older versions of
>> Tomcat?
>> Or do I have to use the deployment tool (deploy) in order to manually
>> deploy any application ?
>> Any guidance would be very appreciated.
>> Regards
>> Carlos

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