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From "" <>
Subject Re: What are the specifics steps for manual deployment ?
Date Sat, 20 Jun 2009 01:28:38 GMT

You should use deploy command or hot deploy(just copy your app to deloy
folder like in tomcat)  to deploy  your application following

And in geronimo, tomcat is in

Your web app structure seems fine(geronimo web app structure same as tomcat,
just an extra geronimo-web.xml. which is geronimo specific deployment plan),
i recommend your can use Geronimo Eclipse plugin in eclipse to simplify your
develop work, you can install GEP follwoing,
and how to develop in it follwoing

You can find out more help from Geronimo 2.1 doc link: in your development process. 


I think whether

caof2005 wrote:
> Hello folks,
> With a newbe questions/request:
> Can anybody refer me to any document/link which indicate me which are the
> steps to do a manual deployment without using the deployment tool (deploy
> ) ?
> I'm using Geronimo 2.1.3 with Tomcat 6
> I tried to follow the oldie/classic example of building a dynamic project
> by hand (no IDE's, nor deploy tool at all) just using the java, javac and
> jar command line tools.
> So I tried to manually define the basic directory deployment structure
> shown in 4.X, 5.X versions of Tomcat:
> webapps
> --MyApp_Directory
> ---WEB-INF
> ----web.xml
> ----geronimo-web.xml
> ----lib
> ----classes
> ----com
> ----example
> -------web
> ----------classA.class
> -------model
> ----------classB.class
> But I couldn't find any "tomcat" directory in Geronimo installation
> directory which I can define inside that structure.
> So the question is .... am I assuming correctly that I can manually define
> the deployment structure as I can do it in older versions of Tomcat?
> Or do I have to use the deployment tool (deploy) in order to manually
> deploy any application ?
> Any guidance would be very appreciated.
> Regards
> Carlos

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