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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: What are the specifics steps for manual deployment ?
Date Sat, 20 Jun 2009 07:09:23 GMT

On Jun 19, 2009, at 6:04 PM, caof2005 wrote:

> Hello folks,
> With a newbe questions/request:
> Can anybody refer me to any document/link which indicate me which  
> are the
> steps to do a manual deployment without using the deployment tool  
> (deploy )
> ?
> I'm using Geronimo 2.1.3 with Tomcat 6
> I tried to follow the oldie/classic example of building a dynamic  
> project by
> hand (no IDE's, nor deploy tool at all) just using the java, javac  
> and jar
> command line tools.

Why?  I can't begin to enumerate all the mistakes you can make setting  
up even a simple javaee project with these tools. At least use maven,  
it will make it much more plausible that you will end up with a  
correct artifact structure.

Since you seem to be interested in using spec-compliant tools you  
should use our jsr-88 deployer.  This is the only spec-compliant way  
to deploy an ee application to an ee server.  The command line  
interface of our deployer is not specified by the spec but the  
communication between the tool and the server is, so you can use  
another jsr-88 deployer if you can find one.

> So I tried to manually define the basic directory deployment  
> structure shown
> in 4.X, 5.X versions of Tomcat:
> webapps
> --MyApp_Directory
> ---WEB-INF
> ----web.xml
> ----geronimo-web.xml
> ----lib
> ----classes
> ----com
> ----example
> -------web
> ----------classA.class
> -------model
> ----------classB.class
> But I couldn't find any "tomcat" directory in Geronimo installation
> directory which I can define inside that structure.

Tomcat's deployment mechanism is proprietary and not related to any ee  
specs.  We don't use it.

> So the question is .... am I assuming correctly that I can manually  
> define
> the deployment structure as I can do it in older versions of Tomcat?
no.  When an app is deployed in geronimo it constructs a geronimo  
plugin which in particular includes a file of serialized component  
configuration.  You can't construct one of these without deploying the  
app in geronimo.

> Or do I have to use the deployment tool (deploy) in order to  
> manually deploy
> any application ?

There's a hot deploy directory but I really recommend against using  
it.  It's really not tooling friendly: for example there's no way to  
tell if deployment has started, finished, or failed without using  
something like the deploy tool with more complicated instructions that  
deploying the app would use.

You can use the gshell based deploy commands, deploy from maven, the  
command line deployer, the console.

My favorite is to build a geronimo plugin using maven and the car- 
maven-plugin and assemble a server around your application that has  
exactly the functionality needed for the app.

I hope this relates to your questions....

david jencks

> Any guidance would be very appreciated.
> Regards
> Carlos
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