yes, Frank

attachment is the improved demo based on your requirement and David's suggestion. I have tested it.



2009/5/6 David Jencks <>

On May 5, 2009, at 12:42 AM, fmeili wrote:

Rex Wang-2 wrote:

Hi Frank, sorry for the confusing, it can not be added to the
application.xml, but should be added to the web.xml / ejb-jar.xml...

here is an example in attachment.



Hi Rex,

thanks for your answer. But this, I think, is the problem. My EAR consits
out of 40 EJB's and 25 WAR's and all are using the @Resource injection for
the database. Til now I don't have descriptors for the EJB's (no
"ejb-jar.xml") - I thought they are no longer neccessary in JEE5. And the
deployment descriptors of the WAR's ("web.xml") only contains the
servlet-mappings. (This EAR file can successfully deployed in JBoss and in
GlassFish without modifications.)

To be able to deploy this in Geronimo do I really need to add 40 new
"openejb-jar.xml", 40 new "ejb-jar.xml" and 25 new "geronimo-web.xml" files
- and also change 25 "web.xml" files to place the <resource-ref> tag? Is
there no way to just use injection without specifying it in all descriptors?
Maybe there is a way to define a jdbc resource globally in Geronimo to use
in with injection?

I think you should be able to avoid geronimo plans for each module.

You need to

1. make sure that the name specified in the annotations or dd resource-ref is the same as the datasource name you specify when you deploy the connection pool.
2. make the connection pool "visible" to your application by adding its id as a dependency to the geronimo plan for your application.

This should be enough to make the auto-map work.

hope this helps
david jencks

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