Are the data all static contents such as images, videos etc.? Is there a deep directory structure?


2009/5/4 Patrick Kranz <>
Hi Ivan,

sorry it took me so long to answer.

No, the log files don“t give any hint about what is going on. It only prints messages coming from our application and those messages are the same for both cases (started with all data on the local disk and started with data located on an NFS share).


Ivan schrieb:
Does Geronimo output anything in the deployment process, could you please show us those logs ?

2009/4/30 Patrick Kranz < <>>

   Sorry, I forgot to mention: I am doing a deployment with the
   --inPlace parameter, so the application is not being copied to the
   Geronimo repository.


   Patrick Kranz schrieb:

       Hello list,

       I“ve been working with Geronimo for some days now and I have a
       question regarding the deployment process, especially about
       what happens behind the scenes.

       I am working on a project that has a lot of content (mainly
       JSPs but also images, pdfs and so on). For the development
       environment this content is reduced to a minimum, that is
       something around 800MB. The live system has more data because
       customers can upload images and even small videos. This data
       is placed on a file server and mounted via NFS on the
       development machines, where the content is linked from the
       docroot using symbolic links.

       If I start this scenario with Tomcat, the application start
       takes about 3,5 minutes (really application startup, no
       copying of data). If I try the same with Geronimo startup
       takes about 30 minutes with the system almost being idle and
       enormous network traffic. If I copy all the static content to
       my system and start geronimo it takes about 5 minutes.

       So, my question is, what does Geronimo do in the background
       that causes this startup time if the content is on a network
       share and can I prevent this from happening?

       Thanks in advance for every help!


       Geronimo 2.1.4
       System: Linux CentOS 5