Just unpacked and installed G v2.1 (geronimo-tomcat6-javaee5-2.1-bin.tar.gz) and G v2.1.4 (geronimo-tomcat6-javaee5-2.1.4-bin.tar.gz) on a fresh dev machine at work with Ubuntu 9.04 jaunty and Java 1.5.0_18 to start migrating from v2.1 to v2.1.4.
After installing some of our apps in G v2.1.4 I decided to shutdown the server and start up G v2.1 but encountered the startup failure shown bellow (trying to start gshell-geronimo/2.1.4).

Suspecting some process still running from the G v2.1.4 assembly (without being able to pinpoint any) I disabled startup scripts and restarted the comp and checked that no java process or geronimo process was running prior to new startup of G v2.1 but still get this error.

Anyone have ideas about what may cause this problem ? What have I forgot about(?) I am fairly sure it's something obvious ;)

I am starting with ./startup.sh (in G v2.1 bin) and don't have any fishy or otherwise suspicious environment var:s set (afaik). 

  peter petersson

==> geronimo.log <==
20:19:43,943 INFO  [Log4jService] ----------------------------------------------
20:19:43,943 INFO  [Log4jService] Started Logging Service
20:19:43,943 INFO  [Log4jService] Runtime Information:
20:19:43,943 INFO  [Log4jService]   Install Directory = /usr/local/geronimo-tomcat6-javaee5-2.1
20:19:43,943 INFO  [Log4jService]   JVM in use = Sun Microsystems Inc. Java 1.5.0_18
20:26:33,914 INFO  [Log4jService]   System property [sun.boot.class.path] = /usr/local/geronimo2/lib/endorsed/yoko-spec-corba-1.0-r615303.jar:/usr/local/geronimo2/lib/endorsed/yoko-rmi-spec-1.0-r615303.jar:/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.5.0-sun-
20:26:33,914 INFO  [Log4jService] ----------------------------------------------
==> geronimo.out <==
Booting Geronimo Kernel (in Java 1.5.0_18)...
Module  1/74 org.apache.geronimo.framework/gshell-geronimo/2.1.4/car              Server Startup failed

org.apache.geronimo.kernel.config.LifecycleException: load of org.apache.geronimo.framework/gshell-geronimo/2.1.4/car failed
    at org.apache.geronimo.kernel.config.SimpleConfigurationManager.loadConfiguration(SimpleConfigurationManager.java:276)
    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)