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From "Ken T." <>
Subject Really basic security question
Date Sat, 02 May 2009 10:58:09 GMT
I have an install of Geronimo and a few web apps installed on it and I 
would like to add some basic security so that only people I ask to look 
at the demos can actually access them.  I've created a user under 
Geronimo called "demo" and given the user a password.  Now I would like 
to make the necessary changes to the web.xml or geronimo.xml file to tell 
my web apps to not allow use by any user other than demo (or users in the 
demo role).  If I need to write a form to get the user name and password, 
I can do that, but if there is a default form that can be used, I would 
just assume use it.  

So how do I go about doing this?  


I looked online for this information but it assumed a much deeper 
understanding of how security works than I really have.  Any assistance 
would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks. 

Ken T. <>

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