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From Xasima Xirohata <>
Subject JMS MBean in geronimo
Date Wed, 06 May 2009 07:09:30 GMT
Hi. What is the simplest way to develop and expose mbeans (gbean) to
monitor a particular EJB 3.0 Bean.

Could we, for example, perform this in a manner (*)  that use
@Management, @Depends annotations. (*)

Actually it is seems that we have no wiki article in geronimo -2.2 on
the developing and exposing MBeans (Gbean) with EJB 3.0 assistance.
Although the same example (as by link above) could be realized by
@Resource injection of the target EJB to gbean + placing dependency in
EJB to transfer their lifecycle methods to target GBean. Would someone
hint how to perform this in most elegant way?

Best regards,
     ~ Xasima Xirohata ~

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