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From Patrick Kranz <>
Subject Re: Deployment takes forever with many files
Date Wed, 06 May 2009 07:24:59 GMT
Hi Kevan,

I tried the deployment a few more times with different settings. I also 
reduced the content, so we are talking now only about JSP files and a 
few GIFs (in numbers something about 12000 files with 900 being GIFs) 
Basically, the deployment with all the content on my local disk took 
4:42 minutes which is about one minute longer than in our working tomcat 

Then I tried again with the content being on the NFS share. With the 
network monitor applet in Gnome I can see that a lot of network traffic 
is going on. I also configured log4j to be in debug mode for the server 
and the deployer (don´t know actually, why I did not do this before :( ) 
but there was not very much more information. But two things got my 

Right after the startup of the server I can see the following line in 
the geronimo.log:
2009-05-06 07:55:49,240 DEBUG [DirectoryHotDeployer] Initialization 
complete; directory scanner entering normal scan mode
I guess, this is the task that is checking the deploy folder on a 
regular basis for new applications?

After starting the deployment I saw the network traffic and almost no 
cpu usage. Something around 1GB went over the wire until something more 
happened. Then the deploy.log showed this line:
2009-05-06 08:16:48,560 DEBUG [JspModuleBuilderExtension] scanModule( 
de.is24/Scout3/1.0/car ): Entry

And again, about 300MG network traffic was done. After done the 
application started. The overall time was 33:04 minutes.

After that I tried without the inPlace option. This took even longer. 
After 44:30 minutes the deployment stopped reporting that the sum file 
already exists. Maybe there was something left from the previous 
deployment but you can clearly see, that it takes much longer and the 
network traffic was somewhere beyond 2GB.

I am currently evaluating if Geronimo could be our next application 
container and this is the blocker since we need to be able to integrate 
it into the development process and obviously it is not acceptable for a 
developer to wait half an hour for the deployment and start of the 


Kevan Miller schrieb:
> On May 5, 2009, at 3:19 AM, Patrick Kranz wrote:
>> No, it´s not only images and videos. There are also a lot of JSPs in 
>> the structure. The deepest directory structure should be something 
>> around 5 or 6 levels but find -type d returns 8904 folders. So, I 
>> guess you could say it is a rather complex structure.
> Interesting... So, what happens if you reduce the amount of static 
> content? e.g. fewer video/pdf files? Does the behavior change if you 
> don't use the --inplace option?
> --kevan

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