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From v2cg4ss <>
Subject Re: Archiva install on Geronimo 2.1.4
Date Thu, 28 May 2009 14:57:47 GMT

After a couple of posts on the Archiva-Users forum I got Archiva 1.2
installed on Geronimo 2.1.4:

1.  Updated the deployment plan with the latest versions, the one that got
me was the javamail:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	xsi:schemaLocation=" ">


2.  Based on the Tomcat install instructions I set the GERONIMO_OPTS and the

set JAVA_OPTS=-XX:PermSize=256m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -Xms512m -Xmx1024m
set GERONIMO_OPTS=-Dappserver.home="%GERONIMO_HOME%"

3.  Updated the MySQL user security.

GRANT INDEX,ALTER ON archiva.* TO archiva@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'archiva';

4.  I had a big glassfish appserver-rt.jar so I had to update the file in the war.


After that all was well with the deploy and start of the application, the
only difference I have found between the Tomcat and Geronimo install is the
archiva logs.  With the Tomcat install the archiva logs are going to the
archiva\logs folder, but with Geronimo the logging is sent to the Geronimo
var\log folder.

kevan wrote:
> On May 27, 2009, at 2:54 PM, v2cg4ss wrote:
>> The 2.1.4 worked, but now when the application is started I get the
>> following:
> <snip>
>> Caused by: org.apache.geronimo.gbean.InvalidConfigurationException:
>> Configuration org.apache.maven.archiva/archiva/1.2/war failed to  
>> start due
>> to the following reasons:
>>  The service
>> J2EEApplication 
>> =null,j2eeType=WebModule,name=org.apache.maven.archiva/archiva/1.2/war
>> did not start because ContainerBase.addChild: start:  
>> LifecycleException:
>> Context did not start for an unknown reason
>> 	at
>> org 
>> .apache 
>> .geronimo 
>> .kernel 
>> .config 
>> .ConfigurationUtil.startConfigurationGBeans( 
>> 485)
>> 	... 16 more
>> Any Ideas???
> Did Archiva log an exception? This typically means that your App  
> Context did not start properly.
> --kevan

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