Hi Guys,

We have problem with oracle blobs saving when we use Geronimo connection pool from our Spring application.
We have something like this
final OracleLobHandler lobHandler = new OracleLobHandler();
lobHandler.setNativeJdbcExtractor(new SimpleNativeJdbcExtractor());

    jdbcTemplate.execute("Insert into ....(.....) values (?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)", new
                                                 AbstractLobCreatingPreparedStatementCallback(lobHandler) {
         protected void setValues(PreparedStatement ps, LobCreator lobCreator) throws SQLException,
             DataAccessException {
             lobCreator.setBlobAsBytes(ps, 5, ...);

This part of code works fine with well known connection pools, but not with geronimo when we trying to save blobs.
Maybe someone had the same problem? How you resolved it? Did you write your own extractor for geronimo pool? If yes, may you share with us.

Actually, is it possible to change geronimo connection pool to something else, but still use Geronimo JNDI to access that pool, i.e. change pool on server side?