Do you mean how to write the dependency in geronimo-web.xml?

Here is an example, you can try it.


Note that, you jar package "abc.jar " can be placed in WASCE_HOME/repository/default.

2009/4/15 David Jencks <>

On Apr 14, 2009, at 1:12 PM, bernstml wrote:

So I have a question:

I have a jar which I want to use in my web application.  I normally link the
jar in Netbeans and deploy

I have no idea what this means...

, which makes the deploy time exceedingly long.

I want to put the libraries in the repository, and call upon them in my
application.  I know what I need to add to the geronimo-web.xml file, but I
do not know how to call them in my code.  For example, there is a class
called Bob in this jar, and I want to import myjar.whatever.*; and Bob b =
new Bob("geronimo is frustrating");

Geronimo doesn't change java :-)  If you get the jar into the application classloader by including a dependency on it in the environment element in geronimo-web.xml, the classes in the jar will be available to your application.

Can I do this?  How?

Yes, by including a dependency on the jar in geronimo-web.xml in the environment element.

david jencks

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