There seems to be some confusion as to how to use axis2 with geronimo.  Unfortunately I don't know what the correct (or perhaps better) way to do it is.

I have managed to get an axis2 webservice running under Geronimo but it involved deploying an axis2 war.

I added this as a geronimo-web.xml in the WEB-INF directory
<web-app xmlns="">

  <dep:environment xmlns:dep="">



I used the geronimo console to deploy the war, then went to localhost:8080/axis2 where I could deploy my aar file(s).

I'm using geronimo 2.1.3 with tomcat and axis2 1.4.1

I'm hoping to learn of a better/more standard way of using axis2 in geronimo (by watching this thread).



On Wed, Apr 1, 2009 at 8:37 AM, cknell <> wrote:

Jarek Gawor-2 wrote:
> Once you deploy the axis2.war use the web console to see the context
> root for the axis2.war file. Click on "Web App WARs" and look for the
> axis2 application there and click on the context root shown.
> Jarek

I've fond the console. Here is the list of installed web applications:


Nothing there suggests axis to my inexperienced eye. What should be seeing?

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