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I’m trying to understand how to setup logging using log4j with Geronimo. Found the article http://cwiki.apache.org/GMOxDOC21/configuring-application-specific-logging-with-log4j.html but I miss an explanation of the concepts behind the logging. Likely the problem I have with implementing the logging following the article are due to this missing understanding. Before bothering anyone with my faulty source code I would therefore like to know whether I have understood the concepts correctly;
1. Each deployed WAR can maintain separate log file(s), by including a ‘log4j.properties’ file in the WAR and a definition of where to unpack it in the ‘geronimo-web.xml’ deployment file.

You also need a geronimo plan for the war with an ApplicationLog4jConfigurationGBean gbean to tell log4j about the special configuration for the war's logging.

2. The ‘{GERONIMO_HOME}/var/log/server-log4j.properties’ file defines the log4j setup for the Geronimo server. When deploying WARs with their own log4j.properties files I do NOT have to change this file to make them work, the GBean ‘DirectoryLog4jConfiguration’ will manage this for me.

yes.  If you don't do anything your app's logging will also end up in this server log file.  You only need to follow the doc instructions if you want your app's logging to go to a separate file from the normal server logging.

3. The log files can be viewed from the administration console through the ‘server log’ portlet, and the ‘Filter Criteria’ drop down box will contain each registered log file.

I don't know if you can look at other log files using the console log viewer.

hope this helps
david jencks


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