Are the application A has the same package names with the package B ?
I mean
In the properties File for application A :,fileA

In the properties File for application B :,fileB

IIRC, they should not the same, for Log4j share a global configuration.

2009/4/7 Jochen Zink <>

we use geronimo 2.1.1. For Logging, we use Log4j and the log4j Plugin.

We have two Webapplications (WebApp A and WebApp B) running. Both use a "util.jar".

If we deployApplication A before application B, Application A logs into Application Bs logfile. If we deploy first application B, application B logs into application As logfile.

I guess, this is related to the equal package name from util.jar.

Is there a possibility to avoid this?

Here is geronimo-web.xml (plugin part) for application A. Application Bs is equal. Only the properties name is different.
<gbean name="DirectoryLog4jConfiguration" class="org.apache.geronimo.system.logging.log4j.ApplicationLog4jConfigurationGBean">
   <attribute name="log4jFile">var/log/</attribute>
       <reference name="ServerInfo">

And here is the content of the log4j properties File for application A. This is equal to application Bs properties. Only fileA changed to fileB and so on.

log4j.appender.fileA.layout.ConversionPattern=Application A: %d{dd.MM.yyyy, HH:mm:ss} %p (%c:%L) %m%n,fileA,fileA

Thanks a lot!

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