Another approach is to put your jars in <Geronimo_home>\var\shared\lib, and then add a few lines in your application plan 

Then the .jars in this directory could be shared by all applications.

 For your reference:


On Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 10:05 AM, Jack Cai <> wrote:
I guess you can share the jars across the applications by installing it in the server repository (through "Services->Repository" in the admin console) and then let all depending applications claim a depedency on these jars in their deployment plan. Good luck!


2009/2/28 James D Carroll <>

I installed the JavaPHP bridge as an application and was pleased that I
could run the sample PHP within Geronimo.  I would like, however, to
make the bridge available to all applications on the server.

Could someone point in the right direction to make that happen?