On Mar 30, 2009, at 9:27 PM, cknell@onebox.com wrote:

I'm working a tutorial from IBM. I've got Geronimo running. I've have placed the axis2.war file in the deploy directory. The next instructions are to point my browser to


I've set up Geronimo to listen on port 8090, so I changed that part. According to my instructions I should be seeing a particular web page, but instead I get a 404 error telling me:

The requested resource (/axis2/index.jsp) is not available.

Has anyone got some advice on how to proceed?

What tutorial are you looking at? I'd guess that somebody would have a look at it...

Geronimo has web services (Axis2 or CXF) support already integrated. So, not sure why you'd want to integrate your own...