2009/3/3 Kaupo <kparmas@gmail.com>

Jack Cai wrote:
> Are you runing this piece of code in the server container or in a
> standalone
> Web service client? Looks like you are running in the client. You can't
> access the server context (resources) in the standalone client.
This code was in the same server. I'm using it in my UserDao, for user
authentication. It just doesn't want to work when I try using basic
authentication on my webservice (that is running in the same server) Maybe
the axis2 engine used in geronimo automatically somehow makes my webservice
a standalone client?

No, that should not happen. Maybe it's configuration problem. You can see the usage information of your datasource in admin console (in "Database Pools" page, click "Usage" link of your datasource".

Are you able to run the code successfully with the global JNDI name now?