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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: your current Geronimo evaluation
Date Tue, 10 Mar 2009 00:30:49 GMT

On Mar 9, 2009, at 4:48 AM, Jaikiran wrote:

> Juergen Weber wrote:
>> - Geronimo's Console is way better than JBoss's
> Haven't used the Geronimo's console, but i agree that JBoss' console  
> is
> minimal. However there is Embedded Jopr which provides this capability
> . Infact, in the soon to be released 5.x
> version of the AS, this embedded console will be shipped by default  
> in the
> AS
> Juergen Weber wrote:
>> - I don't like to have to touch application files to make JBoss  
>> redeploy
>> them
> Just some thoughts - there are other way to redeploy in JBoss :)
> 1) If you are using an IDE with JBoss integration like the JBoss Tools
> you can redeploy the application without  
> having
> to know, how that is done
> 2) JBoss AS has always provided JMX MBeans to do such stuff. The jmx- 
> console
> (http://host:port/jmx-console) has  a MainDeployer which provides a  
> redeploy
> option. The jmx-console is the minimal (admin) console that i was  
> talking
> about.
> Juergen Weber wrote:
>> - JBoss's support for new JEE versions is not very speedy
> Just curious - was there some specific feature that wasn't available  
> as fast
> as some other server did? :)

JBoss JavaEE5 certification September 15, 2008
Geronimo JavaEE5 certification June 2007

I have no idea what functionality was missing or broken that prevented  
them from certifying earlier, and doubt they can tell you either due  
to tck licensing restrictions.

Anyway, I think you should try out the servers you think are  
interesting and see which one(s) fit your requirements and style of  
work.  This is not really the place to discuss the advantages or  
disadvantages of JBoss.  You can easily deploy simple apps on any app  
server.  To me it seems more interesting to ask how the app server  
fits into the software development and maintenance workflow.  For  
instance, how much of the server configuration easily fits in scm and  
how does it get from scm to the developer, qa, and production  
servers?  Using maven, geronimo plugins and custom assemblies, all the  
configuration is in scm and the build system is used to produce the  
servers for all workflow phases.

david jencks

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