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From Raj Saini <>
Subject Re: Configuring ActiveMQ with external file
Date Wed, 18 Mar 2009 05:35:07 GMT
Hi Ivan,

I did the fresh build from trunk and these two files are not copied to the var/activemq/conf
folder. Also there is no edit support for these files in the web console. I saw the wiki link
and the screenshot. However, I do not see edit as well as Create new link in my web console.



From: Ivan <>
Sent: Wednesday, 18 March, 2009 8:03:01 AM
Subject: Re: Configuring ActiveMQ with external file

In 2.2 snapshot, there are two files in activemq-broker\src\main\resources\
activemq.xml, activemq-template.xml.  They will be copied to /var/activemq folder in the binary
packages. Acutally, you could use console to add/edit the broker XML configuration xml, you
even could just copy and past your xml file to the big edit box. But I suggest that you keep
some placeholders in the template configuration file.
Please refer to

2009/3/18 David Jencks <>

On Mar 17, 2009, at 3:29 AM, Raj Saini wrote:


I am trying hard to configure the embedded ActiveMQ to use an external configuration file
in 2.2 SNAPSHOT (laster trunk revision). I read somewhere in the mailing list that it is possible
to configure 2.2 SNAPSHOT with external file but not finding any definite documentation/guide
to do the same. I looked around in the source tree and found ActiveMQ  plan server/plugins/activemq/activemq-broker/src/main/plan
folder. However, after building the geronimo from source, I do not see the configuration in
the Gbean of this plan used by the Geronimo.

I shall be thankful if someone can help me or point me to the documentation or any other resource.
In 2.2 we are using the "native" xbean-spring xml file to configure the activemq broker. 
By default it's installed into var/activemq/conf/activemq.xml by this info in the pom.xml/geronimo-plugin.xml:

                            <copy-file relative-to="server" dest-dir="var/activemq/conf">activemq.xml</copy-file>
                            <copy-file relative-to="server" dest-dir="var/activemq/template">activemq-template.xml</copy-file>

There's also some admin console support for editing this file which I think uses the activemq-template
file which is also installed.

In any case if you want to deal with editing this file individually on every server you can
just change it in place or if you want a more reproducible process you could copy the activemq-broker
maven project and build a plugin with your own plan.  Use an artifact-alias entry to make
your plugin replace ours.

hope this answers your question
david jencks




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