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From Olaf Bergner <>
Subject Re: Suggestion to improve packaging of ejb-jars
Date Thu, 19 Mar 2009 16:27:26 GMT

Thanks for your pointer, I will have a closer look at the maven-car-plugin.
Last time I checked, however, I had to write the list of required
dependencies by hand, a task that should be offloaded to maven/the
maven-car-plugin, IMO.

As to your question: it is true that my solution for building an ear is not
totally automatic, i.e. I have to decide up front which dependencies are to
be shared between all modules. By putting those into a separate pom,
however, and referencing that pom in scope "provided" from all jee modules,
in scope "runtime" from my ear module maven more or less automatically
produces a correctly packaged ear.


djencks wrote:
> On Mar 18, 2009, at 3:23 PM, Olaf Bergner wrote:
>> Obviously, adopting the Geronimo way of explicitly declaring a  
>> module's
>> dependencies as references to jars contained in Geronimo's  
>> repository is the
>> most explicit way of making that module's needs known to the world.  
>> On the
>> other hand, it may be argued that packaging dependencies that are only
>> needed by one module inside that module is still closer to the  
>> "truth" than
>> throwing them all indifferently into the enclosing ear's lib  
>> directory.
> I tend to agree that the classloader structure of javaee applications  
> is not well defined and very likely it would be pretty handy to have  
> classloader-per-module for ejb apps and rars as well as the ear  
> classloader from the lib directory.  In current geronimo, it's only  
> going to be a notation of what you'd prefer in a more ideal world.
> For wars in an ear, you can indeed specify geronimo dependencies for  
> the war alone referencing the g. repo rather than (and equivalent to)  
> including the jars in the war's WEB-INF/lib.
>> Moreover, it is precisely my use of maven and my meticulously  
>> managing my
>> dependencies that led to this suggestion. I rely on maven's dependency
>> management capabilities to automatically compute each module's  
>> classpath,
>> leading to the scenario I described in my original post.
>> Anyway: is there a maven plugin that allows me to convert my ear  
>> into a
>> Geronimo plugin, using maven's knowledge about the required  
>> dependencies to
>> automatically build the required environment entries?
> I don't entirely understand what you are asking for.... once you've  
> built an ear or war that includes some jars, you have to do some work  
> with the dependency plugin to take them out again.  On the other hand  
> if you assemble an ear that does not include a bunch of jars in the  
> lib directory but the modules have maven dependencies that you need,  
> you can use the car-maven-plugin to build the ear into a geronimo  
> plugin that references the jars as (geronimo) dependencies.  When you  
> install the plugin, it will pull the jars into geronimo also.
> thanks
> david jencks
>> Thanks,
>> Olaf
>> djencks wrote:
>>> On Mar 18, 2009, at 2:33 PM, Olaf Bergner wrote:
>>>> I have several ejb-jar packaged inside an ear. Libraries to be
>>>> shared between
>>>> some or all of these ejb-jars are placed inside the encompassing
>>>> ear's "lib"
>>>> directory, as decreed by the standard. Some libraries, however, are
>>>> local to
>>>> the using ejb-jar, i.e. they don't need to be shared.
>>>> I tried to package these libraries inside the using ejb-jar,  
>>>> creating
>>>> appropriate Class-Path entries in that ejb-jar's manifest file.  
>>>> This,
>>>> however, leads to a deployment error as obviously the Class-Path
>>>> entries in
>>>> the ejb-jar's manifest file are resolved relative to the enclosing
>>>> ear and
>>>> are therefore not found.
>>>> Suggestion: make Geronimo resolve those dependencies relative to the
>>>> ejb-jar
>>>> declaring them. Same goes for rars.
>>>> What do you think?
>>> rars already have a nested structure, anything inside has to be in a
>>> jar.  Or are you suggesting we support infinitely nested jars?
>>> In geronimo everything in all the ejb jars and rars ends up in the
>>> same classloader so you won't get any difference in behavior by doing
>>> this.
>>> I'm generally against these nested packagings.  I think they were
>>> dreamed up in the dark ages before people realized that their  
>>> software
>>> was part of the worldwide software ecosystem and that you need to
>>> document explicitly how your software relates to other stuff.  This  
>>> is
>>> the kind of problem maven tries to solve.  People who still use ant
>>> IMO still haven't recognized that this is something they can think
>>> about.
>>> So, in geronimo I recommend packing as little as possible in an ear,
>>> instead using dependencies to include the same jars from the geronimo
>>> repo into the appropriate classloaders.
>>> thanks
>>> david jencks
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Olaf
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