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From Hearty <>
Subject Re: Issues facing when connecting with Oracle10g
Date Fri, 13 Mar 2009 07:09:53 GMT

I am not using any oracle specific wrapper for the db pool.
I have used admin console for configuring the db pool. Since admin console
does not provide a way
to set the property for autocommit, I have modified ra.xml manually.

I have tried one more option by deploying the dbpool using deploy command

oracle10g-deployment-plan is as follows

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
					<config-property-setting name="Password">
					<config-property-setting name="Driver">
					<config-property-setting name="UserName">
					<config-property-setting name="ConnectionURL">
						<local-transaction />
							<match-one />

But I've observed even I've specified "CommitBeforeAutocommit" as true,
ra.xml contains the value of "CommitBeforeAutocommit" as false. I am using
"Oracle Thin" as the Database Type.

I am not using any specific tranql wrapper for oracle. I am using
tranql-connector-ra-1.4.rar which I found with

Please let me know if I am doing some thing wrong. Is there documentation
(with sample code) for creating tranql oracle specific wrapper for the db

Can I rely on the admin console alone for deploying the database pool for
oracle 10g?

djencks wrote:
> Its difficult to do more than guess without more information on what  
> you have deployed.
> You should be using one of the tranql oracle specific wrappers for  
> your db pool.  This should take care of the commit-before-autocommit  
> problem caused by oracle jdbc spec non-compliance.  If you aren't  
> using an oracle specific wrapper you do need to set the commit before  
> autocommit property to true, but you should do it in your pool  
> deployment plan, not by modifying the ra.xml.
> At a minimum I think we'd need to know which tranql wrapper you are  
> using and to see the deployment plan for it.
> thanks
> david jencks
> On Mar 12, 2009, at 6:19 AM, Hearty wrote:
>> When I have configured database pool with oracle10g and running  
>> against the
>> apache geronimo v2.1, I am getting some unusual errors where as when  
>> I've
>> tried with tomcat5.5 it is working smoothly.
>> Oracle driver I've used is ojdbc14-
>> The following is the error message I am getting. Also I am uploading  
>> the
>> error log since the error log is a big file
>> errorLog.txt
>> I have modified ra.xml with the following entry
>> <config-property>
>>                    <description>
>>                        Flag indicating whether the Driver requires a  
>> commit
>> to be performed
>>                        before enabling auto-commit on a Connection.  
>> This
>> should be set to false for
>>                        compliant drivers to avoid an extraneous  
>> commit to
>> the database.
>>                    </description>
>> <config-property-name>CommitBeforeAutocommit</config-property-name>
>> <config-property-type>java.lang.Boolean</config-property-type>
>>                    <config-property-value>true</config-property-value>
>>                </config-property>
>> The default value was false
>> I am struggling with this issue for more than one week.
>> Any help is highly appreciated. I am very new to apache geronimo.  
>> Please let
>> me know if I've missed out any entries.
>> -- 
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