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From Juergen Weber <>
Subject Re: your current Geronimo evaluation
Date Fri, 06 Mar 2009 13:14:37 GMT

kevan wrote:
> On Mar 4, 2009, at 11:54 AM, Juergen Weber wrote:
>> 5 (geronimo deployment plans like this one are really, really  
>> difficult:

>> ,
>> the JEE standard parts are easy, the Java part of GBeans is easy, too.
> Hi Juergen,
> That is a complicated plan -- DayTrader does have a lot of parts.  
> Would be interesting to hear what parts of the plan are difficult/what  
> we should work on improving. For example:
> * aggregation of all of the parts into a single geronimo deployment plan
> * dependencies
> * connector definitions
> * etc
> * all of the above... ;-)
> --kevan

Kevan, to prove my point, I chose the most difficult plan I know ;-)

Generally, I have a problem with XML. If there is something wrong with my
Java code, I run Geronimo with the remote debugger and can inspect every
variable of my code. My Java code is under my control.
If there is something wrong with XML plans, I'm looking at a black box.
Theoretically I could as well remote debug the server code, that parses the
XML plans and the code, that acts on the information in XML, but this
requires so much intimate knowledge of the server that for application
programmers it's in practice impossible, so you are looking at a black box.
My only chance to cope with XML plans is to find a sample or to get help and
a sample on the discussion forums (which I always got, thanks !!!! )
Of course, there are XML schemas for the plans. But isn't it a bit heavy to
have to know schema language for configuration of an application?

As for your points, aggregation is difficult (The XML tree gets too deep for
me), dependencies are easy and geronimo-ra.xml can be super-difficult (I
needed and got help here:

I also see the advantage, it is cool to have a Geronimo deployment plan for
an application.ear in a single file outside the ear. But still cooler were,
if you wouldn't need the plan at all ...

Maybe a super-wizard would help, that you'd throw an ear at, then the
wizard'd say, I found these web.xml, ejb-jar.xml, ra-xml, they contain these
properties, which ones you'd like to override? And these ones you have to

Or how about a flag to enable debugging of plan parsing?  With output lines
$URL-ra.xml/XPATH-element/this-value was overwritten by

With $URL = Class.getResource(ra.xml)

Don't mis-understand me, I am a big fan of Geronimo!

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