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2009/2/16 Ying Tang <>

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2009/2/13 Michael2 <>

I created an Informix database pool in Geronimo 2.1.3 using the database pool
wizard, I was able to successfully test the database connection before
deploying it. I can see the database pool I just created is listed in the
Available database pool list with a "running" status. When I click the Usage
link, I see the instructions about how to use this database pool. However,
when I click the Edit link, I get a "The page cannot be displayed" error.
When I check the log file there is no error message there. I also check
other default database pool's Edit links and I do not have any problem to
open these database pool Edit pages.

Can someone help me find where my problem is?

In a case like this, although I cannot edit the pool anymore, is it running
properly and can I still use it?

Thanks in advance.

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