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From Fredrik Jonson <>
Subject Re: Problem with deploying/undeploying/restarting modules
Date Fri, 27 Feb 2009 17:31:51 GMT
Kevan Miller wrote:
> Fredrik Jonson wrote: 
> > Btw, are there any other "known issues" in this area? Like the one
> > David mentioned, that apps that are not properly loaded hangs on
> > undeployment.
>  Probably, however I don't recall anybody actively working on them.  
>  Afraid the tendency is to fix the deployment problem, then never quite
>  get back to fixing the undeploy problem (which is really a 'deploy'
>  problem).

Guess what? Before reading your reply, I re-installed geronimo, and
the very same ear that previosly refused to redeploy now redeploys
just fine.

I believe this is what has happened: At one stage my ear was severely
broken and failed to deploy properly. After offline undeploying at
that stage, geronimo was broken, but only just enough to still allow
new deploys, execution, and offline undeploys, but not allowing online
undeployment or redeployment anymore.

>  If you or anybody else has specific instances where  
>  deployment can't be undeployed, please raise a jira. And if anybody is  
>  interested in pitching in with some coding/debuggnig, this might be an  
>  interesting area to look into.

Yep, the unfortunate impression I've got is that geronimo can be a bit
brittle in deployment and undeployment when the application is not
well behaved (correct/spec compliant). I can understand that, but the
thing is, during development an application seldom is 100 percent correct,
so failed deploys is more or less bound to happen.

Now, I've had this happen on other geronimo deployed projects before,
so next time it happens I know what to look for and I'll raise a issue.

Fredrik Jonson

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