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From "Jay D. McHugh" <>
Subject Re: best practice to deploy multiple .js libs (not just dojo)
Date Tue, 17 Feb 2009 17:21:37 GMT
Hello Bryan,

I don't know that there is an official 'best way' to do this - but...

Setting up a single location for multiple web apps to find the same copy
of a JavaScript library is just a matter of wrapping it up as a web app.

For Dojo, we do this in Maven and create a .car file so that it can be
referenced as a plug-in to be automatically deployed when something that
depends on it is installed (i.e. the admin console).

If you are familiar with Maven or want to make it easy for your own apps
to 'automatically' deploy your additional libraries - take a look at the
way we build the Dojo plug-in.  You will need to have a repository
available for Geronimo to find the library plugin (either local maven
repo or some repository manager).

If you don't care to have the Geronimo automatically install the
JavaScript library when you install apps that need it - just make a .WAR
file that deploys the library to the common location that you want.  The
downside of this is that you have to remember to deploy your JavaScript
app or your regular app will not work.

The plugin method is -probably- the best practice.  It reduces the
likelihood that you will deploy broken apps.


Bww00 wrote:
> Looking for  the best way to deploy multiple .js libraries other than dojo.
> like ext-js or jquery.
> Thanks
> Bryan

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