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From Russell E Glaue <>
Subject Re: Pulling Geronimo Configuration
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2009 23:03:27 GMT
David Jencks wrote:
> If you don't like multicast you have to figure out some other way for
> the cluster members to find the admin server, such as by telling it. 
> Then when the admin server fails and you have to move it you need a way
> to tell all the cluster members to look elsewhere.  I know multicast is
> often frowned on but I couldn't think of a plausible alternative that
> seemed like it would actually work.  If you have any ideas I'd love to
> hear them.

How about JGroups for Geronimo's multicast support?

JGroups is a toolkit for reliable multicast communication.
(Note that this doesn't necessarily mean IP Multicast, JGroups can also use
transports such as TCP).
It can be used to create groups of processes whose members can send messages to
each other. The main features include

* Group creation and deletion. Group members can be spread across LANs or WANs
* Joining and leaving of groups
* Membership detection and notification about joined/left/crashed members
* Detection and removal of crashed members
* Sending and receiving of member-to-group messages (point-to-multipoint)
* Sending and receiving of member-to-member messages (point-to-point)

There is a WADI-JGroups implementation:

The farming could be configured to perform one of two communications: 1)
multicast to the LAN, 2) Point to Point connection to a pre-configured admin
server host if the admin server host is on another network.

Would JGroups' LGPL license be an obstacle?


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