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From Changdeok Kang <>
Subject Re: Question about memory usage of deployed service
Date Sun, 01 Feb 2009 23:50:49 GMT

I was just observing OS process memory usage by "top".

Actually the next-day, the memory usage scores initial value.

I think that the garbage collection is not executed at once. Am I right?

Additionally, how can I check the java heap memory status on linux?

Thank you for answering.

- Changdeok Kang

Kevan Miller wrote:
> On Jan 29, 2009, at 2:52 AM, Changdeok Kang wrote:
>> If I deploy a service in the geronimo, how they consume the memory?
>> For many clients, do they make a copy of the service?
>> If then, when does the garbage collection happen?
>> The reason for asking is that it seems geronimo only gets memory and  
>> never
>> looses.
> How are you monitoring memory usage? Are you hitting  
> OutOfMemoryError's? Or just observing java memory usage (verbosegc) or  
> observing OS process memory usage?
> By "service", I assume you mean an application (e.g. a .war or .ear)?  
> When you deploy an application, it will consume java heap and permgen  
> memory (assuming a sun vm). If you undeploy the application, this  
> memory should be garbage collected and returned the the java heap. It  
> is possible for applications (or the libraries they utilize) to cause  
> memory leaks which will prevent the memory from being garbage  
> collected after an undeploy. In these cases, you'd see java heap/ 
> permgen utilization grow with each deploy/undeploy cycle.
> Clients would not cause a "copy" of a service to be generated. Clients  
> or client requests may cause additional heap memory to be consumed.  
> This is going to be application dependent.
> --kevan 

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