Currently, it seems that the reload attribute of the context is not exported by the TomcatWebAppContext GBean, shall we add this attribute to allow the user to set it in the config.xml ?
Thanks !

2009/1/15 chi runhua <>
Try deploy --inPlace <yourAppHome>,    here is the doc for your information

Jeff C

On Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 2:36 PM, Kai Fei <> wrote:
My name is Kai, a new geronimo user. I met a small problem when develope a web application on geronimo. It seems that geronimo won't reload the java class file when it is replaced.
Here is what I did: 
After I deploied a war file, I wanted to change a java class, so I replaced the old one with a new one, but the application didn't make any changes. Then I restart the war application, it works.
Is there any way to make geronimo reload the java class file automaticly?
I expect that there could be a config file which can enable this function, but I didn't find...
Would anyone help?