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From Derek Frost <>
Subject Re: Application Server startup failed
Date Sun, 18 Jan 2009 18:20:34 GMT
I have this problem often on my windows development machine. It's due to
the corba service needing port 1050 for a name server. Windows allocates
ports from 1024 upwards for things like web browsers and this port may
be in use already. If you go to a command prompt (Start>Run.. and type
cmd) you can type the command "netstat -b". This lists the ports in use
and the "-b" switch lists the applications they are allocated to. Find
what is using port 1050 (and 1099) and shut it down temporarily. On my
machine it is usually Thunderbird or Firefox. Once Geronimo has started
you can restart this application. It should then be allocated another
port as 1050 (and 1099) will now be in use by Geronimo.

axiez wrote:
> The application server started without any problem when I retried. So
> everything is fine.
> axiez wrote:
>> I have been using the application server for couple of weeks. Today, the
>> server startup failed with the following error message:
>> ERROR [GBeanInstanceState] Error while starting; GBean is now in the
>> FAILED state:
>> abstractName="org.apache.geronimo.configs/j2ee-corba-yoko/2.1.3/car,j2eeType=CORBANameService,name=NameServer"
>> Error starting
>> transient name service
>> How can I overcome this?

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