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From Tim McConnell <>
Subject Re: Where does log message go?
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2009 18:42:47 GMT
Hi bongosdude, this error results because you are using the 2.1.4 GEP to point to 
the TRUNK version of the Geronimo server. You can use the GEP Trunk version to 
point to a 2.1.4 Geronimo server, but not the other way around. If you are still 
having difficultly deploying your artifact from Eclipse please send it to me and 
I'll investigate your deployment errors. Thanks

bongosdude wrote:
> Kevan,
> I install new server based on trunk. Eclipse complains that incorrect
> version detected. It expects version 2.1 but encounter version 2.2-SNAPSHOT. 
> An incorrect version of Apache Geronimo v2.1 2 was detected.  Version 2.1
> was expected, but version 2.2-SNAPSHOT was found.
> Can this be the cause? I cannot deploy sample calculator from eclipse GEP
> too so I am sure it is not my app.
> -B
> bongosdude wrote:
>> Kevan,
>> I can predepoy/deploy CAR to my local geronimo. But I could not deploy the
>> my EAR using eclipse GEP. I could not find out what are the problems. Do
>> you have any hints/suggestions/ideas on how I can find out what are wrong?
>> I had this problems for several days and I was really do not how to
>> proceed.
>> Thanks for any helps
>> -B
>> bongosdude wrote:
>>> I used console and or Eclipse GEP. Both did not log to deployer.log and I
>>> did not see any specific error message to state why the deployment
>>> failed. Hope that I can give you more details to diagnose the log
>>> problems. 
>>> Thanks
>>> -B
>>> Kevan Miller wrote:
>>>> On Jan 9, 2009, at 9:19 AM, Donald Woods wrote:
>>>>> The deployer.log will only get created if you use the  
>>>>>|.bat script.  If the error occurs in the server during  
>>>>> deployment, then look at the geronimo.log and/or geronimo.out files...
>>>>> BTW - Are you using the deployer script, the Admin Console or  
>>>>> Eclipse to deploy your app?
>>>> There have been some cases where we failed to log appropriate failure  
>>>> information during deployment and silently failed deployment. If  
>>>> you've encountered such a problem, let us know and we'll work on fixing.
>>>> --kevan 
> -----
> B Amigo:super:

Tim McConnell

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