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From Ivan <>
Subject Re: Add tomcat-specific configuration
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2009 02:06:45 GMT
Basically, Geronimo have created a GBean for each element in the server.xml,
which means we should configure those settings via GBeans in the config.xml.
But so far, I am sure the existing GBeans have not covered all the settings
that tomcat provides. e.g. for server.xml, we have host gbean for the <HOST>
element, actually, you could check the current setting in the
geronimo\plugins\tomcat\tomcat6\src\main\plan\plan.xml. For the context.xml,
a TomcatWebAppContext GBean will be created while deploying the web
applications, and most configurations could be set in the geronimo-web.xml
file.Thanks for any comment, if any mistake is made, please point it out !

2009/1/13 Jack Cai <>

> I just realize that I can put a context.xml in var/catalina/conf so that I
> can specify lots of Tomcat options there. I did a small experiment with the
> "workDir" param and it seems taking effect. Wondering whether this is
> supposed to work? Can I also put a server.xml there? Thanks!
> - Jack


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