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From "" <>
Subject Re: How to create new server runtime in Eclipse with version 2.2-SNAPSHOT
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2009 09:20:25 GMT

Hi, bongosdude:
  I tried GEP2.2snapshot (you can download from ) running on
G2.2snapshot, can deploy car/war to server.
  So you can choose to develop application with GEP 2.1.3 on G2.1.3 or GEP
2.2 snapshot on G2.2snapshot.


bongosdude wrote:
> Viola,
> Yes, I have confirmed last night that sample calculator and my project can
> be deployed to 2.1.3 but both failed to be deployed to 2.2-SNAPSHOT. I am
> trying to recompile from trunk again in the hope that some bugs are fixed
> to clear this hurdle. I will try to follow your recommended steps above
> and try again. It is always goods to try new suggestions/recommendations
> for problems, especially if the suggestions are from developers with deep
> knowledge on the subjects.
> And just a note. If I build my projects using car-maven-plugin and deploy
> it to 2.2-SNAPSHOT from console, I do not encounter any problems (same as
> calculator). But I only encountered problems with Eclipse/GEP deployment.
> Thanks
> -B
> wrote:
>> Hi,gongosdude:
>> First keep geronimo server runtime jvm version consistent with eclipse
>> jvm , and if you build G2.2 snapshot with JDK 1.6, you'd better run it on
>> JDk 1.6, 
>> Second pls check your eclipse configuration:
>> Windows->Preference->Server->Runtime Environment, Edit your newly added
>> server runtime:"Application server install directory" posists a correct G
>> 2.2 directory and choose a correct JRE.
>> Third, when you defin a new server, pls select correct server runtime
>> environment if multiple server runtime have been created.If you run G2.2
>> snapshot, but choose a g2.1 server runtime environment, there is problem.
>> Four, if possible, can you remove "incorrect version of Apache Geronimo
>> v2.1 2 " from your server runtime or server list.
>> After that, if all above don't work, pls first make sure your applicaton
>> can run well on G2.1.3 server runtime via GEP 2.1.3. Currently, Latested
>> GEP version 2.1.3 only has been verified on G2.1.* G2.0.*.
>> Hope can help you
>> GOOD Luck.
>> Viola.Lu
>> bongosdude wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I tried to build geronimo-2.2-SNAPSHOT from trunk and created new server
>>> runtime in eclipse. Eclipse complains with
>>> An incorrect version of Apache Geronimo v2.1 2 was detected.  Version
>>> 2.1 was expected, but version 2.2-SNAPSHOT was found.
>>> Is it OK to ignore this message or did I do something wrong here. I
>>> currently could not deploy my EAR/CAR file from eclipse and I suspect
>>> that this error may be the cause.
>>> -B

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