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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Customizing install of apps
Date Tue, 30 Dec 2008 23:29:34 GMT

On Dec 30, 2008, at 2:47 PM, bongosdude wrote:

> David,
> I am still confused with your "predeploy" explanation. What do you  
> mean
> "predeploy"? and what does "predeploy" do? After "predeploy", what  
> do we do
> next?

When you deploy a javaee app on an app server, the server has to  
resolve a lot of references, figure out what should be in the  
classloader for the app, set up some components that wrap application  
bits, etc etc etc.  Finally after all this is done the app server  
starts your app.

In a geronimo plugin we try to do as much of this work as possible in  
the "create a plugin" stage so that there is very little work to do  
when you install the plugin and mostly you just have to start it.  I  
often call this process of resolving references, figuring out the  
classloader, and wrapping stuff in geronimo components  
"predeployment".  If you have a better word I'd love to hear it.

It looks to me as if the wiki is having some confusion and corruption  
in indexing but there is some documentation currently at

I thought there was some more documentation but I can't find it right  

hope this helps
david jencks

> -B
> djencks wrote:
>> On Dec 27, 2008, at 6:31 PM, jamesdcarroll wrote:
>>> Thank you very much for your quick reply. I saw mention of GBeans
>>> and will
>>> look at them more closely.
>> Gbeans are geronimo's idea of a (fine grained) service component.
>> Unless you are doing something very unusual you won't need to write
>> any additional gbeans.  You may need to configure some for things  
>> like
>> security realms, but there are various wizards in the admin console
>> and GEP to help with this.
>>> My initial concern, though, is that the apps
>>> need to be portable (perhaps with minor changes) to other J2EE
>>> containers.
>>> That's why I was thinking that packaging them up as WAR/EARs. But
>>> I'll look.
>>> Maybe I can make a compelling case to my boss.
>> I might have been a bit unclear.  I'd recommend you start with your
>> javaee war/ear apps and "predeploy" them onto geronimo to create
>> geronimo plugins.  One way to look at this is that it encapsulates
>> everything geronimo-related needed to run your app on geronimo.  Then
>> you can use the plugin framework to either easily add these plugins
>> (your apps) to an existing geronimo server or construct a server that
>> just contains your apps and the geronimo bits needed to run them.
>> With this approach you'll still have the javaee apps available to
>> deploy on other containers -- we just try to make it so as much as
>> possible of the "deployment" step happens during your build process.
>> hope this is clearer :-)
>> david jencks
>>> Thanks again,
>>> djencks wrote:
>>>> On Dec 27, 2008, at 3:41 PM, jamesdcarroll wrote:
>>>>> I'm really new to Geronimo/J2EE and was wondering if it is  
>>>>> possible
>>>>> to place
>>>>> my own customer installer in front of geronimos. We want to  
>>>>> create a
>>>>> number
>>>>> of products that do different things, but we need to have a  
>>>>> central
>>>>> repository that tracks them, which will be its own product as  
>>>>> well.
>>>>> Basically the use case would be:
>>>>> 1. User opens our admin app on geronimo(a WAR/EAR)
>>>>> 2. User elects to add new component; the components would be WAR  
>>>>> or
>>>>> EAR
>>>>> files
>>>>> 3. My program grabs it and parses a manifest or some other kind of
>>>>> config
>>>>> file in it
>>>>> 4. My program updates/does whatever it needs to
>>>>> 5. My program hands the WAR/EAR off to Geronimo for it to do its
>>>>> thing
>>>>> As I mentioned, I'm kinda new and I'm reading the doc fast as I
>>>>> can.  If
>>>>> there's something out there that I can maybe focus on, any point  
>>>>> in
>>>>> the
>>>>> right direction would be greatly appreciated.
>>>> Geronimo is actually designed to make strategies like this fairly
>>>> easy.  You want to deploy your applications as geronimo plugins
>>>> (probably using a maven build and the car-maven-plugin).  You can
>>>> then
>>>> either assemble custom servers including your applications (and
>>>> leaving out stuff they don't need) or provide a basic geronimo  
>>>> server
>>>> and a plugin repository containing your plugins: in the latter case
>>>> you can use the existing plugin installer portlet to show the  
>>>> choices
>>>> and let people install the ones they want, or write your own front
>>>> end.
>>>> Plugins are a bit easier to work with in geronimo trunk/2.2- 
>>>> than in the released geronimo versions.  We'll probably have 2.2  
>>>> out
>>>> before you get too far with this project :-).
>>>> There is some documentation, especially for 2.2, on plugins, custom
>>>> server assemblies, and also dealing with both of these using  
>>>> eclipse/
>>>> GEP.
>>>> Let us know if you have more questions or need more capabilities in
>>>> the plugin system.
>>>> thanks
>>>> david jencks.
>>>>> Thanks,
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