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From Tim McConnell <>
Subject Re: car-maven-plugin and GEP
Date Sat, 27 Dec 2008 05:02:18 GMT
Hi bongosdude, here are the steps I used to accomplish this for the "calculator" 

1.  Ensure that you have a Geronimo server defined in Eclipse (Trunk for example)

2.  Build the 2.1.2 samples in maven

3.  In Eclipse, import the resulting EAR file from Step #2 (i.e., 
calculator-ear-2.1.2.ear) and be sure the runtime defined in Step #1 is specified 
  as the target runtime. This will create three projects in Eclipse for you: 
calculator-ear-2.1.2, calculator-ejb-2.1.2, calculator-war-2.1.2.

4.  Just to ensure that everything is working fine up to this point I would go 
ahead and deploy the EAR file imported from Step #3 to your Geronimo server 
defined in Step #1. Ensure that it deploys and then invoke the WAR file:

	-----> http://localhost:8080/calculator-war-2.1.2/

5. Undeploy the EAR file deployed in Step #4, and stop the server

6. Copy/Paste the three java files in SVN (i.e., in 

into the Eclipse package org.apache.geronimo.samples.slsb.calculator for the 
calculator-ejb-2.1.2 project. This package should have been created for you 
during the import in Step #3; if not, go ahead and create it yourself prior to 
the Copy/Paste.

7.  For the calculator-war-2.1.2 project create this package: 

8.  Copy/Paste the single java file in SVN (i.e., 
\samples\tags\samples-parent-2.1.2\samples\calculator\calculator-war\src\main\java\org\apache\geronimo\samples\calculator\ into the package created in Step #7

9.  In Eclipse, add the calculator-ejb-2.1.2 project to the build path for the 
calculator-war-2.1.2 project to ensure that everything builds

10.  To demonstrate that you can debug the source code, set a breakpoint on line 
56 of the source file

11.  Start the Geronimo server in "debug mode"

12.  Redeploy the calculator-ear-2.1.2 to Geronimo server

13.  Ensure that it deploys and then invoke the WAR file again:

	-----> http://localhost:8080/calculator-war-2.1.2/

14.  Finally, click the "add" or "multiple" Operation button on resulting web 
page and the Eclipse debugger should stop at the breakpoint you set in Step #10

That's it !! Is this the information you're looking for though ?? If not, please 
let me know. Thanks much and good luck !!

bongosdude wrote:
> Tim,
> I would like to rephrase my question: How can I do to import the samples
> calculator into eclipse IDE and use GEP to debug, deploy and test? 
> (repository at
> I can use maven outside eclipse to build, install the sample to local
> repository and deploy from console or from gshell. But I still do not know
> how I can import samples / projects that are set up with car-maven-plugin
> into eclipse?
> Thanks
> -B
> bongosdude wrote:
>> Hi Tim,
>> I setup my project using maven car-maven-plugin (i.e. I looked at the
>> sample calculator). To create eclipse plugin I ran the command
>> mvn -Dwtpversion=1.5 eclipse:eclipse
>> and then import the newly created eclipse project into eclipse IDE.
>> However, it seems that my eclipse GEP does not know how that those
>> projects are geronimo J2EE projects.
>> Can you start from the geronimo  sample (bank, calculator...) and show us
>> how to import those sample into eclipse IDE, run a debug with WTP local
>> server....
>> Thanks
>> -B
>> Tim McConnell wrote:
>>> Hi bongosdude, in the Trunk and 2.1.4 versions of the GEP there has been
>>> a lot to 
>>> work to support Geronimo server plugins and custom assembles. Some of
>>> these 
>>> capabilities have been documented below. You should be able to do all
>>> your 
>>> development in the GEP and not have to maintain dual environments. From
>>> the GEP 
>>> you'll be able to create custom server assemblies and export your Eclipse
>>> J2EE 
>>> projects as Geronimo plugins. Could you read the following and comment on
>>> whether 
>>> this meets your needs ?? If not, we need to determine what doesn't meet
>>> your 
>>> needs and analyze according. Thanks again.
>>> -----> 
>>> bongosdude wrote:
>>>> I have learned quite a lot for the last two weeks about Geronimo.
>>>> Developing
>>>> J2EE applications has so many aspects and setting up environment for
>>>> development, QA and deployment are 3 main areas that really concerns any
>>>> J2EE developers. I have followed steps by steps of many GEP samples and
>>>> tutorials through GEP eclipse plugin. Then I just learned last week from
>>>> this forum on how to setup J2EE projects with Maven using
>>>> car-maven-plugin.
>>>> I felt very confident toward Geronimo as my next J2EE platform. Today I
>>>> would hope that someone can give me some guidance again on how to make
>>>> GEP
>>>> works with car-maven-plugin
>>>> 1. I have successfully setup my J2EE projects by mimicking and looking
>>>> at
>>>> geronimo sample calculator. I have successfully deployed my project
>>>> tomcat
>>>> plugin to my local geronimo server. I love maven and its dependency
>>>> management.
>>>> 2. However, now GEP does not know that my project is targeted for
>>>> geronimo
>>>> local server. I can go to each of my sub project (war, ejb) and turn on
>>>> its
>>>> project facets and runtime settings for geronimo. But it is quite
>>>> tedious
>>>> and that also means that I have to take care of two environments: GEP
>>>> vs.
>>>> car-maven-plugin
>>>> So my question is: "While it is good to setup maven J2EE using
>>>> car-maven-plugin which is quite helpful for more real J2EE projects,
>>>> developer would still love to use eclipse IDE to develop, test through
>>>> GEP?
>>>> Can car-maven-plugin be able to generate eclipse metadata to target its
>>>> sub
>>>> projects for geronimo runtime?"
>>>> Thanks again for any helps.
>>>> -B
>>>> -----
>>>> B Amigo:super:
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> B Amigo:super:

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