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From Tim McConnell <>
Subject Re: Unable to deploy on a remote server in GEP
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2008 04:49:01 GMT
Good idea Shawn, I shall do so. Thanks.....

Shawn Jiang wrote:
> If this is not a part of current document, I suggest to add a task
> "How to deploy on a remote geronimo server in GEP"  somewhere under
> 2008/12/2 Tim McConnell <>:
>> I did not. Once I did it works as expected. Thanks much Donald !!
>> Donald Woods wrote:
>>> Did you update the RemoteDeployHostname value in
>>> on the remote machine to listen on something
>>> besides localhost?
>>> -Donald
>>> Tim McConnell wrote:
>>>> Hi again antoine, looks like there may be a problem. I'm getting a
>>>> even after following my own instructions. I'm
>>>> pretty sure this used to work, but meanwhile have opened a JIRA and will
>>>> investigate. Thanks much for bringing to my attention....
>>>> ----->
>>>> Tim McConnell wrote:
>>>>> Hi antoine, although the support in the GEP for remote servers is very
>>>>> limited, I believe what you are trying to do is valid although I'm not
>>>>> exactly sure that you've followed all the necessary steps. Here they
>>>>> briefly:
>>>>> 1. First define a local server and make sure it starts within Eclipse.
>>>>> If it starts okay, then double-click on the server and change the hostname
>>>>> from "localhost" to the remote server's hostname or IP.
>>>>> 2. Leave Eclipse up and then start the server on the remote system. Even
>>>>> though you can't use Eclipse to start/stop the server on the remote system
>>>>> Eclipse should still synchronize with the remote server. If it does
>>>>> synchronize you will see the status of the server in Eclipse change from
>>>>> "Stopped" to *Started". It make take a few seconds to synchronize, but
>>>>> you should be able to deploy to that Server.
>>>>> 3. Ensure the server on the remote system is still running and then try
>>>>> to deploy via Eclipse.
>>>>> Can you retry using these steps ?? I'll do the same to ensure it still
>>>>> works correctly on my side.....
>>>>> antoine_ wrote:
>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>> I am currently testing Geronimo, but I have problems when trying
>>>>>> deploy
>>>>>> on a remote server.
>>>>>> On my local laptop, I run Ubuntu, Java from Sun, Eclipse Ganymede
>>>>>> JEE
>>>>>> developpers, Geronimo v2.1.3 and I installed the Geronimo Eclipse
>>>>>> Plugin by
>>>>>> following the documentation.
>>>>>> On the remote server, I have installed Geronimo. I do not see how
>>>>>> plugin
>>>>>> could start Geronimo remotely, so I start it manually. It works :
I can
>>>>>> access the console, and the launch process tells me that it is
>>>>>> listening on
>>>>>> some ports including 1099 for RMI and 8080 for the console.
>>>>>> In Eclipse, I also succeed to deploy an application locally. It works
>>>>>> perfectly.
>>>>>> But in Eclipse, the remote server always has the status "stopped".
If I
>>>>>> try
>>>>>> an action like "start" or "publish" I get the following error message
>>>>>> "Server Apache Geronimo v2.1 Server at failed to start".
>>>>>> There is no firewall between me and the remote server.
>>>>>> I seem to be the only one having such a problem. I did not find
>>>>>> anything in
>>>>>> the documentation about using remote servers. Did I miss something
? Do
>>>>>> you
>>>>>> have any ideas ?
>>>>>> Thank you...

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