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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: Cannot install any Geronimo Sample apps
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2008 16:06:32 GMT
If you are using the 2.1.3 jetty javaee5 assembly 
(geronimo-jetty6-javaee5-2.1.3) then I am a little confused by your 
earlier statements on the repositories you see in the plugins portlet. 
They don't seem to be the list I would expect (see below).

Also, there are some issues installing plugins using the web console 
from a jetty server involving dwr.  IIRC things should install but the 
web console may freeze and you will see some dwr errors in the command 
window.  If you want a smoother ride you might want to switch to the 
tomcat server (

Try the following and let me know where you see differences:
- Start from a clean slate.  Get the the geronimo-jetty6-javaee5-2.1.3 
zip or tomcat referenced above and unpack it.
- start the server
- connect to the web console (http://localhost:8080/console)
- click on Plugins under Navigation in the left hand navigation panel
- click on "Update Repository List" in the Install Plugins portlet
- When you look at the list of repositories you should see three:
   - file:/... (pointing to your local maven repo if you have built 
something locally)
- Select the second repository (samples-2.1.2) and then click on "Show 
Plugins in selected repository"
- Choose just one sample - let's pick the calculator plugin for the 
appropriate server you installed (tomcat or jetty).
- You should then see some info on the plugin and it's dependencies. 
Select "install" to install it.
- When the install is complete you should see a list of the dependencies 
that were either already present or installed.  For this sample all of 
the dependencies should already be installed.
- Next, you should be able to access the running sample using 

NOTE:  If you use Jetty you will probably get an error in the command 
prompt about dwr and the console install may never appear to complete. 
However, the sample should be actually installed after a few minutes and 
  you should be able to access it using the url above.

One more thing ... For some reason access to the apache servers has been 
crawling lately (especially yesterday and today).  It may take much 
longer to install a plugin than normal until the issue is resolved.


cuatez wrote:
> I installed Geronimo 2.1.3 (from this site:
> It should be working per your comments. Any idea where I can start
> debugging?

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