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From Tim McConnell <>
Subject Re: Unable to deploy on a remote server in GEP
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2008 19:15:39 GMT
Hi antoine, although the support in the GEP for remote servers is very limited, I 
believe what you are trying to do is valid although I'm not exactly sure that 
you've followed all the necessary steps. Here they are briefly:

1. First define a local server and make sure it starts within Eclipse. If it 
starts okay, then double-click on the server and change the hostname from 
"localhost" to the remote server's hostname or IP.

2. Leave Eclipse up and then start the server on the remote system. Even though 
you can't use Eclipse to start/stop the server on the remote system Eclipse 
should still synchronize with the remote server. If it does synchronize you will 
see the status of the server in Eclipse change from "Stopped" to *Started". It 
make take a few seconds to synchronize, but then you should be able to deploy to 
that Server.

3. Ensure the server on the remote system is still running and then try to deploy 
via Eclipse.

Can you retry using these steps ?? I'll do the same to ensure it still works 
correctly on my side.....

antoine_ wrote:
> Hi,
> I am currently testing Geronimo, but I have problems when trying to deploy
> on a remote server.
> On my local laptop, I run Ubuntu, Java from Sun, Eclipse Ganymede for JEE
> developpers, Geronimo v2.1.3 and I installed the Geronimo Eclipse Plugin by
> following the documentation.
> On the remote server, I have installed Geronimo. I do not see how the plugin
> could start Geronimo remotely, so I start it manually. It works : I can
> access the console, and the launch process tells me that it is listening on
> some ports including 1099 for RMI and 8080 for the console.
> In Eclipse, I also succeed to deploy an application locally. It works
> perfectly.
> But in Eclipse, the remote server always has the status "stopped". If I try
> an action like "start" or "publish" I get the following error message :
> "Server Apache Geronimo v2.1 Server at failed to start".
> There is no firewall between me and the remote server.
> I seem to be the only one having such a problem. I did not find anything in
> the documentation about using remote servers. Did I miss something ? Do you
> have any ideas ? 
> Thank you...

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