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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Re-creating SampleTxDatasource/SampleNoTxDatasource by hand...
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2008 13:34:30 GMT

On Nov 6, 2008, at 4:57 PM, jck wrote:

> I am working myself up to speed with Geronimo EJB3+JPA, and am  
> wrestling with
> the same
> rlhorr23z7akikbo#query:JtaDataSourceWrapper+page:1+mid:6x3ou4tzrk7zfeci+state:results
> JtaDataSourceWrapper problem  that will (hopefully) be addressed by
> Jira issue 4331 .
> Basically, I'm stumped as to how to create a set of jta and non-jta
> datasources similar to SampleTxDatasource and SampleNoTxDatasource  
> for a
> networked instance of Derby.
> As an example, I have a small container-managed JPA entity accessed  
> through
> a trivial EJB3 local interface, using annotations, from Eclipse 3.4  
> with the
> Geronimo 2.1 WTP adapter; I can not get it to load properly.  (I can  
> get a
> simple EAR with an EJB3 interface to load.)  I am pretty sure the  
> problem is
> that I am not providing the "proper" set of jta and non-jta datasource
> references.
> I am not using maven or ant at this point -- I am just trying to get  
> this
> running inside the Eclipse IDE.
> This has been discussed previously by David Jencks and others, but I  
> could
> not figure out how to create a Tx/NoTx datasource using the Derby  
> network
> client using a database and username of my own choosing; guidance  
> from those
> who have a better familiarity with this would be appreciated.

I have no idea how to do anything with eclipse, and think that a build  
system is a more reliable and reproducible build system than an ide.

I would:
1. copy the plugins/system-database/system-database maven project to a  
location of your choice and change the parent and id so it is clearly  
not part of geronimo.  You'll have to find the plugin management  
section that configures the car-maven-plugin and include it in your  
pom (or an ancestor pom).  Or you could make a new project with the  
geronimo-plugin-archetype and just copy the plan.
2. modify the plan to include userName and password config-properties  
and set the database location info as needed
3. change the pom to use the tranql-connector-derby-client-local or  
tranql-connector-derby-client-xa connector
4. build
5 install the resulting plugin in an appropriate server.

david jencks

> I'd also like to take a stab at updating the online documentation  
> and/or
> tutorials to make this clearer; but don't know who to talk with to
> coordinate a contribution (once I figure this out).
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