Hi jsmch,

As I mentioned in a reply to Doug Reeder I think you have to use the activemq jndi context documented here:  http://activemq.apache.org/jndi-support.html for non ee clients.

Hope this helps
david jencks

On Oct 30, 2008, at 10:01 AM, jsmch wrote:

Hi djencks,

i´ve answered directly to you instead of answering in the forum - this was a
kind of failure.
(Perhaps you didn´t recognized that a message was sent to you directly -
sorry :wistle:)

I´m using a Server-side kernel that has to be contacted by client-apps that
also have to share the JMS-Services (TopicConnectionFactory, Topics,
Queues). But read what i tried to ask you ;-):

I´ve answered  and wrote the follwing (original thread was
hi and thank you for your answer.

I really think that youˇre right.
The application consists of an server-application that provides a number of
EJBs for accessing a service.
Through this EJBs you have the possibility to login into the application,
send messages and so on.

For message-handling there have to be 3 Topics, accessable through jndi.
The clients need to read from this topics, but they are outside geronimo.
They just get access to it through jndi-lookup.

First step is to make a lookup to get the ejbs - this works fine, because
ejbs have jndi-names to be accessable from outside (through
Properties p1;
InitialContext ctx = new InitialContext(p1);
chatClient = ctx.lookup("ChatClientRemote");

==> I need the same possibility for getting access to topics and surely the
TopicConnectionFactory. The client need to make a lookup to get them
(doesnˇt he?)
But in Geronimo i only have found the possibility to "Create a new JMS
Resource Group" in the JMS Resouces-menu.
This donˇt seems to be very helpful because - as i think you say - these
"Objects" are only available for internal use of Geronimo.
How may i install such - as you say - activemy property file configured
jndi? Is this really what i need for this? Do you have any precise sources
where i may look how to install something like this?

Thank you very much for further help

johannes schmidt

djencks wrote:

On Oct 28, 2008, at 7:14 PM, Doug Reeder wrote:

I think the documentation at
is all the documentation there is.  Let me know if you figure it  
out.  I spent several days trying to configure OpenJPA to access a  
JDBC connection pool via JNDI, and never could get it to work.

OpenJPA in geronimo does not use jndi to locate the jdbc connection  
pool.  Did you have some reason to think it did?  Geronimo connection  
pools are in-vm only so if you are trying to use openjpa outside  
geronimo you won't be able to use a geronimo connection pool at all.

I don't think jsmch has responded to my questions about what kind of  
client is involved, but if it is not a javaee app client but a  
standalone non-javaee client of some sort then geronimo configuration  
is not really relevant and the activemq documentation at
 might be helpful.

david jencks

On Oct 28, 2008, at 11:25 AM, jsmch wrote:


i´ve a problem and was not able to find any answer in the last days.
I installed some ConnectionFactory and Topics in the "JMS
Resources"-menu-item from Geronimo.

Next step i need is to make a lookup on this objects from an
client-application. But even that´s the problem.
I don´t know how to manage it, that my Objects habe an simple jndi-
Those JMS-objects have to be accessable from any other client.

I also tried the <global-jndi-name>-Tag because i thought ths would  
help -
but surprisingly it is deprecated in the newer Versions and i don´t  
something to replace it?

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