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From Fredrik Jonson <>
Subject Re: Accessing corba from geronimo
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2008 14:08:15 GMT
In <> Juergen Weber wrote:
> > I must admit that it's still a bit magic to me, I mean why that
> > change made a difference in the first place.
>  Wait, this is only a start, basically you hard-wired the server
>  address now.

Yes, I read[0] that the server host and port is included in the IOR.
One thing at a time, eh? ;)


>  The nameservice variant is much better, but you have to find out,
>  how the Geronimo naming service works. You might try this:

I've skimmed that article before, but it references Geronimo M5 (pre
1.0!) and it does not seem to cover my specific case, a ejb that
needs to reference a remote non-managed (non ejb) corba service.

The closest think that I've found is figure 6 in that article. Still,
the documentation is severely lacking in this area - no wonder, I guess
it is a pretty obscure use case) - I haven't found any documentation
of the ns-corbaloc element, and how/if it is applicable to any corba

Fredrik Jonson

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