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From David Jencks <>
Subject AMQ5 integration: was Re: Camel extension of ActiveMQ
Date Sat, 04 Oct 2008 16:16:39 GMT
Hi John,

Sorry for the delay in responding.  A couple of procedural things that  
hopefully won't be too onerous and would make life easier for the  
project would be to file an ICLA and sign up with JIRA.

We should move this discussion to the dev list only.

I've created to  
help track this work and copied plugins/activemq to plugins/activemq5  
so you'll have a place to work without interfering with the working  
amq 4 integration.  Right now plugins/activemq5 is not hooked up to  
the main build and would need to be built independently.

Here are some steps I foresee:

     *  create an activemq5 work area under plugins (done)
     * change the artifactIds in the new projects to not conflict with  
the old ones (will try to do in the next few minutes)
     * move the specification of amq version from the root pom  
dependency management to the activemq and activemq5 plugins. (will try  
to do in next few minutes)
     * keep only the broker gbean
     * use an activemq configuration file in var/activemq, referenced  
by the broker gbean
     * update dependencies to latest activemq
     * figure out how much of the current jms portlet functionality  
can be reasonably kept. From discussions with Hiram I think that  
trying to reconfigure the broker while its running is a very bad idea  
and we should just drop the parts of the console that try to do this.
     * investigate how to run the amq console in geronimo, preferably  
as portlets inside the g. admin console.

Looking forward to working with you on this!
david jencks

On Oct 1, 2008, at 11:16 PM, jfcharles wrote:

> I am interested in being involved in ActiveMQ 5.* integration into  
> Geronimo.
> Could you advice on how I could be involved.
> John Charles
> djencks wrote:
>> On Oct 1, 2008, at 9:01 AM, my_forum wrote:
>>> ActiveMQ as a default JMS provider is destributed wihout Camel
>>> extension. Is
>>> it enough just to add (register) Camel libary to repository like any
>>> other
>>> library. Probably it would be better to substitute activemq-core.jar
>>> with
>>> activemq-all-5.1.0.jar?
>> Unfortunately that won't work.  The geronimo-amq integration is stuck
>> at amq 4.x.  Getting amq 5 running probably wouldn't be too hard if  
>> we
>> removed the admin console support for administering amq while running
>> -- which IIUC is not a good idea to try to do according to the amq  
>> devs.
>> I pretty much insist on amq 5 support in geronimo 2.2 but no one has
>> started working on it yet... I'm happy to but probably need to finish
>> some other projects first.  I'd be happy to give advice to anyone who
>> wanted to work on it.
>> So, I doubt you can realistically run camel in g. at this
>> time.  :-))))))
>> thanks
>> david jencks
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