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From "Ivo Benedito" <>
Subject Accessing a SAP Webservice
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2008 16:42:52 GMT

I'm on my first experience with geronimo and also fresh on webdev with java
(only experienced with .net and RoR). I need to connect to a webservice
generated by a SAP service.
Following the geronimo tutorials, i used the bin jaxws-tool and generated
the artifacts/stubs with the WSDL(1.1) file from the webservice. I picked
the generated java classes and joined them in a package on my project. Then,
i created a JSP file and now i want to use the classes that were generated
and make the connection and pick the data from the webservice, but the
problem is that i can't figure out what classes should i use and how to use
them. I also can't find any documentation explaining this. Probably this is
a webservice/java problem (my lack of knowledge) independent from the
geronimo aplication server.

This is the java files i get generated from the jaxws-tool:
Z3ENVACCS003 --> complex type
Z3ENVACCS004 --> complex type


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