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From "Ashish Jain" <>
Subject Is it possible to host a custom geronimo jar??
Date Mon, 06 Oct 2008 09:22:00 GMT
I am using geronimo-framework-2.1.3 distribution available from geronimo. I
am trying to build my own custom server around this framework. My first step
is to add tomcat-console plugin to my frmaework. I am using Windows Xp and I
run the following command from command prompt

*Administrator@T60J:/> deploy/list-plugins -r http://geronimo.apache.or
geronimo-2.1.3/ org.apache.geronimo.plugins/console-tomcat/2.1.3/car*

Checking for status every 1000ms:
Downloading org.apache.geronimo.plugins/console-tomcat/2.1.3/car (47%)
Downloading org.apache.geronimo.plugins/pluto-support/2.1.3/car
Downloading org.apache.pluto/pluto-portal-driver/1.1.6-G643117/jar
Installation FAILED: Could not find
org.apache.pluto/pluto-portal-driver/1.1.6-G643117/jar in any repo

list ended

Looking at
*suggests  that pluto requires this custom Geronimo jar


However looking at the various source repositories


*I was unable to find the above jar in anyone of them. One which had a
portal-driver jar is
versions do not match.

Is is possible to host these custom geronimo specific jars in any


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