Hello Marco,

Mod_proxy_ajp is a module that works with Mod_proxy to allow a connection over ajp rather than http.  The difference in configuration between using http or ajp is negligible so I think your choice is really between Mod_proxy and Mod_jk.  I've used Mod_proxy some and found it fairly easy to setup and use for forwarding requests.  I haven't as of yet set up a Mod_jk configuration, but I do know that it requires more configuration both in the apache server and the geronimo server.  Alternatively, Mod_proxy only needs configuration within the apache server.  From my understanding, Mod_jk allows for more configuration options and gives a user more control over the setup.  If all you're going to be doing is forwarding requests, then Mod_proxy might be easier.  Hopefully this information helps you with your decision.

On Thu, Sep 25, 2008 at 2:27 AM, Marco Laponder <marco.laponder@kewill.com> wrote:

I am considering to forward (some) request from my apache httpd
webserver to Geronimo. If I understand correctly there are multiple
- Mod_jk
- Mod_proxy
- Mod_proxy_ajp

What is the preferred way to go , in terms of performance and
functionality ?

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Marco Laponder

~Jason Warner