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From "Jay D. McHugh" <>
Subject Re: what is "dojo-tomcat?"
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2008 17:05:20 GMT
I wasn't one of the people who worked on adding Dojo to the console.
But I do use Dojo for some simple widgets (date entry and tooltips) and
for handling AJAX.

The AJAX support in Dojo is excellent.  Obviously, it would have to be
for any javascript library to even be mentioned nowadays.  And handling
for the DOM is really straight forward.

As far as really taking advantage of Dojo, I cannot really comment.  The
big differentiator for Dojo is that it tries to include everything you
could need in a javascript library - in dynamically loaded chunks so
that you only need to download the parts you are using (besides the
standard core).

Documentation is probably their weakest point (as it is for just about
every open source project).  But even that has been getting better.
They have an active mailing list and user questions seem to be answered
rather quickly.

Hope that helps,

Jay wrote:
> I've been thinking of evaluating Dojo, and didn't know it was used in the Console.
> That being the case, does anyone care to offer any opinions as to whether its 
> use in the Console would make a good study? Maybe there are stories of that 
> experience that others could learn from?
> There's so many generic opinions out there regarding web toolkits that I thought 
> it might be useful to hear something from a more specific and real-world 
> perspective.
> Inactive hide details for "Jay D. McHugh" ---09/25/2008 05:54:41 PM---Peter, We 
> include a copy of the Dojo javascript library a"Jay D. McHugh" ---09/25/2008 
> 05:54:41 PM---Peter, We include a copy of the Dojo javascript library as a web 
> app in the JEE
> From:	
> "Jay D. McHugh" <>
> To:	
> Date:	
> 09/25/2008 05:54 PM
> Subject:	
> Re: what is "dojo-tomcat?"
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Peter,
> We include a copy of the Dojo javascript library as a web app in the JEE
> versions of the server.  There are actually two of them included.  One
> is Dojo version 0.4.x (dojo-legacy-tomcat or dojo-legacy-jetty) and the
> other is Dojo version 1.1.x (dojo-tomcat or dojo-jetty).
> Because these are there, anyone can easily build webapps that use the
> Dojo library without having to incorporate it directly into your app.
> We originally included Dojo because there are a couple of screens in the
> console that use it.  Those screens were written with the 0.4 version.
> Once all of those screens are rewritten to use the newer (non beta)
> version, we will probably remove the dojo-legacy apps to get the server
> footprint smaller.
> Jay
> Peter L. Berghold wrote:
>  >
>  > I am curious what is this dojo-tomcat application that shows up on the
>  > Geronimo console?
>  >
>  >

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