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From Tim McConnell <>
Subject Re: Eclipse Utility Projects with 2.1.2
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2008 19:43:01 GMT
Actually no need for a new JIRA, I'll just reopen the original JIRA....

Tim McConnell wrote:
> Hi Kory, yes please open a JIRA and I'll fix it today.....
> Kory Markevich wrote:
>> Well, Eclipse assists by having utility projects.  From the WTP
>> documentation:
>> An enterprise application can contain utility JAR files that are to be 
>> used
>> by the contained modules. This allows sharing of code at the application
>> level by multiple Web, EJB, or application client modules. These JAR 
>> files
>> are commonly referred to as utility JAR files. The utility JAR files 
>> defined
>> for an enterprise application project can be actual JAR files in the
>> project, or you can include utility Java projects that are designated to
>> become the utility JAR files during assembly and deployment.
>> So it sounds to me that having the geronimo-service.xml in such 
>> projects in
>> the first place was a mistake, as these projects are not meant to be
>> deployed by themselves.  I don't think the JIRA Tim mentioned should have
>> removed support for utility projects altogether, just 
>> geronimo-service.xml. Now I know that geronimo has it's own robust 
>> module support, but since
>> that's not exposed to Eclipse directly I'd like to use utility 
>> projects. Should I create a JIRA to get this support back in?
>> djencks wrote:
>>> I don't know how eclipse assists with this but you can include  
>>> configuration for gbeans in any kind of geronimo plan, including 
>>> that  for ears (geronimo-application.xml or external plan), ejb 
>>> modules  (openejb-jar.xml), or web modules (geronimo-web.xml).  
>>> META-INF/ geronimo-service.xml would only get detected if you were 
>>> deploying a  jar directly not as a javaee application.
>>> Generally gbean config is at the end of the plan after all the 
>>> javaee  stuff.
>>> thanks
>>> david jencks

Tim McConnell

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