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From Juergen Weber <>
Subject Re: Include samples into Geronimo download packages
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2008 15:57:05 GMT

Joe Bohn wrote:
> Juergen,
> Thanks for being vocal about samples.  This is definitely an area that 
> needs some love in Geronimo.
> Juergen Weber wrote:
>> Creating or modifying deployment plans is quite often a real nightmare.
>> Usually you try to find a sample to adopt from. If only the samples were
>> current ..
> Is there a particular sample that you are having problems with that is 
> not current?  I believe that all of the 2.1 samples currently build and 
> can be deployed into a Geronimo 2.1.2 server.   There are a few that 
> still need to be validated and updated ... but most are functional.  No 
> doubt that we are long overdue in getting these released.

Currently I fought with
But that's an IBM sample, so not concern here.

But I so often ran into problems with articles and samples that throw
exceptions because some deployment plan used a newer namespace or were
outdated altogether that I have no longer confidence in samples, I never
know if they are valid or not. It seems that Geronimo knowledge outdates
very soon.

>> So I suggest to include all samples (from
>> that are supposed to run
>> on
>> a given Geronimo version in the archive of the Geronimo distribution
>> itself
>> or in an archive immediately beside it (right now there is a Download
>> Sample
>> applications link, but it does not point to a sample.tar.gz as the title
>> hints).
> I personally agree and had proposed that we release samples with each 
> server release.  However I could not gain consensus on this and there 
> are some valid reasons to release samples independently and less often:
> - First, samples should not require major updates for minor Geronimo 
> releases.  So ideally, we would like to release samples a Geronimo 2.2 
> release and have them work without change in Geronimo 2.2.1.  We feel 
> that this is what users will be doing with most applications and this 
> can also help us validate compatibility between maintenance releases.
> - Achieving compatibility has required some fixes and such.  At the 
> moment we are planning to release samples that require Geronimo 2.1.2. 
> We have already validated that these samples will install and function 
> on an upcoming Geronimo 2.1.3 release.
> - Due to the modifications required for this we are not planning to 
> release samples for anything prior to Geronimo 2.1.2

I am rather thinking of the same set of samples that keeps growing with each
release. But the old samples should still work with the current server.
Bea keeps old samples like in a tree like this:

But the old samples still work with current weblogic versions, sometimes
they have changed them (e.g. deployment descriptors for xdoclet

As for Geronimo, I'd like to being able to rely on samples being current.

Thanks very much,

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